Episode 13

13 - Sam Lyndon talks growing her Tasmanian hosting business to 50+ properties in the wake of Covid-19

Posted April 29, 2020


With a background in tax and accounting, native Tasmanian Sam Lyndon decided to join her husband Michael’s building company, Elysium Builders, in the role of Business Manager a few years back, furthering her love of all things property related.

What followed was the establishment of her first short-term rental property, Boho Cottage in White Beach in Tasmania’s south, followed by Sarah’s Cottage in the seaside hamlet of Stieglitz in Eastern Tasmania.

Having become hooked on the challenges and joys that property hosting brings, Sam has decided to take the plunge into full time short-term rental management, and plans to extend her stable to 55 properties within the next 12 months, under the umbrella of her new business name ‘Storied Homes’.

She is currently in the throes of establishing a new website and fine tuning her marketing and acquisition strategy to achieve this ambitious goal in the wake of Covid-19 later this year.

Show Notes