Episode 14

14 - Adrian Hua and Charles Holland on taking a regional Victorian boutique hotel from strength to strength

Posted May 5, 2020


About 5 years ago, partners in life and business Adrian Hua and Charles Holland gave up their corporate jobs and city lives in Singapore to explore the prospect of living and working in regional Australia.

When they chanced upon the then for sale Dudley Hotel in Victoria’s Hepburn Springs back in April 2017, they immediately fell in love with the house and soon after, found themselves packing their bags and settling down in the vibrant Daylesford region.

Almost a year ago, having identified that the original house no longer suited their growing businesses needs, they made the brave decision to purchase a new property and relocate the hotel. What ensued was a meticulous , months-long renovation and design process, leading them to re-open The Dudley’s doors in a brand new location earlier this year.

Then, without a lot of warning, along came Covid-19 and this dynamic duo made the conscious decision to shut up shop temporarily, only weeks after reopening.

So where to now for The Dudley? Jen discusses this, and much more, in this value-packed episode with two of the industries most knowledgeable professionals.

Show Notes

The Dudley Boutique Hotel