Episode 16

16 - Gabrielle Witter on all things SEO and Digital Marketing for your short-term accommodation business

Posted May 23, 2020


Gabrielle Witter is a highly experienced, independent digital marketing consultant based in Newcastle, New South Wales.

Through her consulting business Digital Hunter, she works with small to medium-sized local service businesses to drive more qualified leads to their websites through search engine optimisation (SEO) and using several other digital marketing strategies.

Gab is also a newly minted short-term accommodation host, having opened her first property, Warialda, in Bungwahl, New South Wales, in early 2020.

As you’ll glean, Gab is an absolutely bottomless well of knowledge when it comes to search engine optimisation and digital marketing. In this episode, she very generously shares some of her biggest tips for success.

Show Notes

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