Episode 19

19 - Nicole Haddow on finding your feet in the Australian property market

Posted July 21, 2020


Nicole Haddow is a Melbourne-based freelance writer, blogger and the author of ‘Smashed Avocado, the story of how she cracked the Aussie property market (and how you can too)’, published in 2019 by Black Inc Books.

Following a stark wake-up call not long after she turned 30, the process of buying her first home led Nicole to become passionate about helping people enter the property market.

In this episode, Jen talks in detail with Nicole about the various strategies anyone looking to get on top of debt and get their foot in the door of the Aussie property market could potentially employ, and what converting that property into a short-term rental might involve.

Show Notes

Nicole’s Website Buy ‘Smashed Avocado’ (The Book) Here