Episode 23

23 - Tim Clark on maintaining optimal mental and physical health during and after Covid-19

Posted September 11, 2020


Tim Clark is the owner and core practitioner at Time & Space Therapies, a counselling, psychotherapy and remedial massage business based in Melbourne’s south-eastern suburbs.

Full disclosure: he’s also my brother.

Tim is passionate about helping others maintain optimal mental and physical health through the spectrum of services he offers.

It is his wish that both massage therapy and psychotherapy will someday be viewed as commonplace treatments for depression and anxiety, and equally worthy of respect from the general public, the medical establishment and insurers, especially as the efficacy of both modalities is supported by empirical research.

Since Covid-19 became rife in Australia earlier this year, Tim has been proactively supporting his local community from afar by publishing relaxation and meditation exercises to his social media channels, and sharing a range of insights into how we can push through this challenging time with gentle acceptance, kindness and self-care.

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