Episode 25

25 - Amanda Cochran on juggling a thriving small business, a stunning short-term property and a young family

Posted February 1, 2021


Amanda Cochran is a Mum of three and lives in scenic Dunkeld, in Victoria’s Grampians region, approx 3 hours west of Melbourne.

In 2016, she established The Grampians Goods Co., with a simple mission – to elevate everyday moments into opportunities for nurturing & connection through consciously made and thoughtfully curated products & gifts, including body products, aromatherapy candles and wool blankets.

After a few years running what has become an enormously successful business, in part through servicing the accommodation sector, Amanda set up her own short-term rental, Salt Creek Cottage, also in Dunkeld.

Impeccably styled by Lynda Gardener and Belle Hemming-Bright of Inside Story, the cottage has been an almost overnight success, enjoying an array of publicity and huge guest demand.

Show Notes

The Grampians Goods Co. Salt Creek Cottage