Episode 27

27 - Tara Larnach on buying her dream holiday rental and what she’s learned over 12 years of managing it

Posted March 5, 2021


Tara Larnach is the owner and manager of Simpson Cottage in Bundeena, a stunning coastal village approx 1 hour south of Sydney.

Having stayed in the cottage with her family as guests in the late 2000’s, a year or so later Tara became aware that the property they had all fallen in love with was for sale, and was fortunate enough to be able to purchase it, completely furnished, cleaner on board and ready to go.

The rest, they say is history and in this value-packed episode, Tara shares a wealth of generous and honest insights into her journey as the host of one of the most unique historical holiday properties in Australia.

Show Notes

Simpson Cottage, Bundeena Staah Booking System