Episode 30

30 - Lucy Scott on securing her family’s financial success through renovating

Posted May 31, 2021


Lucy Scott is nothing short of a modern dynamo. Despite a background in remedial massage therapy, she wanted to try her hand at renovating – potentially even as a full time career – and after buying her first family home about 6 years ago, dipped her toe in the water.

What followed was a period of years gradually renovating the house, including the establishment of a self-contained studio, which Lucy would ultimately list on the short-term rental market. This helped Lucy and her husband Daz pay off their mortgage way more efficiently, while at the same time exposing their three young daughters to a diverse range of people from different cultural backgrounds.

Having pushed through the challenges of Covid, Lucy and Daz sold that same family home only a few days ago and Lucy is now at the beginning of an incredibly exciting new career chapter – one that will see her take on renovating homes professionally.

Show Notes

Lucy’s Beach House Lucy’s Studio (soon to not be hers anymore sadly!) Lucy’s Private Room