Episode 32

32 - Mary Jackson on the art of under-promising and over-delivering

Posted February 16, 2022


Born and bred Tasmanian Mary Jackson, along with her partner Dave, opened the doors to their breathtaking Dodge’s Ferry holiday shack, aptly named Clifftop on Park, back in 2016 and since doing so, haven’t looked back. In the five or so years they’ve been operating, they’ve managed to amass 510 Airbnb reviews, only 4 of which have been less than 5 stars. No mean feat as I am sure even the most seasoned of accommodation hosts will agree.

Mary puts this largely down to her ethos of creating a unique space that really reflects the history and passions of the owners, as well as the fine art of under-promising and over-delivering; a simple motto that in today’s fast-paced world, seems to have been somewhat forgotten.

Show Notes

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