Episode 36

36 - Shelley Kennedy on planning for a richly rewarding, sustainable hosting career centred around family

Posted March 16, 2022


Physiotherapist Shelley Kennedy and her engineer husband Tyrone have always liked to plan well.

In their early days together they got a foot into the Perth property market and worked like mad to get their mortgage paid down as quickly as they could.

This, in turn, paid off in spades, eventually enabling them and their two young daughters to secure and relocate to a rural farm in the picturesque coastal hamlet of Denmark, approx 5hrs south-east of Perth.

Since 2019, they’ve called the farm home and, after a brief but incredibly insightful apprenticeship managing another local holiday property, they went on to build their own architect-designed, sustainability-focused home and accompanying guest house, now known as Upland Farm.

Show Notes

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