Episode 38

38 - Melissa Hobbs on buying a holiday property sight unseen on impulse and setting it up from a distance

Posted March 30, 2022


Melissa Hobbs is a force of energy to be reckoned with.

Based in northern NSW and having gone through a series of personal challenges in the years prior, she purchased a cabin in the small western Tasmanian town of Zeehan in early 2021, sight unseen.

In the year that followed, throughout the ups and downs of Covid and – more recently – the tumultuous floods, she travelled back and forth from her NSW home to the property that would become ‘The Lazy Prospector’, endeavouring to prepare it as best she could, with whatever resources she could summons, to ultimately open it up for guests to enjoy.

This process was certainly a character-building, somewhat unpredictable adventure but one that Melissa reflects on with great humour and humility.

Show Notes

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