Episode 40

40 - Elise Croker on on translating her love of architecture and history into life as a successful multi-property host

Posted April 13, 2022


Elise Croker is a self-professed dreamer and creative visionary. Outside of her demanding daily life as a mum of four and an emergency department nurse, she has an avid fascination with history and architecture; one which she has come to indulge via the restoration and transformation of older properties.

In recent years, she’s opened two highly successful short-term holiday properties in New South Wales’ Southern Tablelands; Eldorado, a Scandinavian-inspired, sustainably restored farmhouse which sits on the same property as Elise and her family live, and Mister Munro, a late-1800’s built former tailor shop, located in the neighbouring hamlet of Crookwell.

Elise is a positive force of energy and ideas and I could’ve chatted with her for hours a few weeks back. No doubt, you’ll love listening to our chat in this brilliant episode.

Show Notes

Elise Croker’s Website Eldorado on Airbnb Mister Munro on Airbnb