Episode 42

42 - Bec Macdougall on the many rewards that followed a somewhat unexpected treechange

Posted April 27, 2022


Bec Macdougall is one industrious woman. With a background in branding and marketing, she and her husband Angus moved from Melbourne to Molyullah in north-eastern regional Victoria back in 2018, after deciding the property they had originally purchased as a weekender, Dunmore Farm, would become their new permanent home.

Since the move, Bec and Angus married on the property and welcomed a daughter, Emme, but they’ve also crafted a super productive life for themselves by way of their restored cottage, now a hugely successful luxury farm stay, have launched Dunmore Suppers – a series of collaborative long-table dining experiences hosted at the farm showcasing locally produced food and wine whilst also relocated their coffee business to the property including developing their own coffee brand Emme Mac Black.

If that wasn’t enough to keep them busy, the farm is also running Angus cattle and Bec is soon launching Dunmore Shoppe amongst other things.

Show Notes

Dunmore Farm Website The Branded Coffee Co Website (including Emme Mac Black)