Episode 44

44 - Kas Wren on learning from the past and embracing the future

Posted May 11, 2022


Based in the small hamlet of Coolah in NSW, Kas Wren is a personal injury lawyer, photographer, writer and interior design enthusiast.

She is also a former accommodation host and passionate renovator, having opened the doors to two highly successful Blue Mountains-based short stays in the past 10 years.

More recently, her penchant for sharing refreshingly authentic photos capturing the very essence of life in regional Australia, always paired beautifully with eloquent, evocative prose, has garnered her an ever-growing legion of followers on Instagram.

In the past few years, Kas had gone through a personal metamorphosis of sorts and now finds herself cultivating a new, simpler life with a new partner and community in a town and neighbourhood previously unfamiliar to her.

She has a number of exciting projects in the works and on the horizon and it was an absolute pleasure to catch up with her recently.

Show Notes

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