Episode 45

45 - Kathy Allen on the impact significant TV exposure has had on her hosting career

Posted May 18, 2022


In 2017, Kathy Allen and her husband Adam Ryan were invited to take part in a new show on Australia’s Seven Network called ‘Instant Hotel’, whereby 10 couples from around the country transformed their homes into short-term accommodation.

The couples then stayed together in each of the properties and scored each other according to various criteria, ultimately resulting in an overarching winner being hailed at the end of the series.

While Kathy and Adam unfortunately didn’t emerge victorious, despite some incredibly positive feedback, the series put their Humpty Doo, Northern Territory holiday property, Tropical Oasis, firmly in the sights of prospective guests the world-over.

Since the show aired, they’ve been consistently booked out and have also added other properties to their short-term accommodation stable, all astutely managed by this very energetic duo.

Show Notes

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