Episode 52

52 - Amanda Hogg on starting a sustainable, luxury tiny house business during a global pandemic

Posted July 13, 2022


If ever I was to meet a guest who personifies the saying ‘don’t let things happen, make them’, it’d be Amanda Hogg.

Based in Port Lincoln, South Australia, Amanda and her eco-friendly plumber husband Tim started remote tiny house business ‘Eyre Way’ in 2021, launching their first fully sustainable, luxury off-grid tiny house, Yambara, in November of that year.

Since then, they’ve been almost fully booked and recently decided – only a matter of weeks ago, in fact – to dip their feet in the water again, launching tiny home #2, Maldhi.

Both houses are situated in remote locations on the stunning Eyre Peninsula coastline, enabling guests to enjoy a truly unique, immersive holiday experience in nature.

Through a very cleverly crafted strategy and great photography, Amanda has amassed an incredible 16,000 followers on Instagram since launching and she and Tim, along with their young kids, have further tiny homes firmly in sight.

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