Episode 53

53 - Alice Armitage on illuminating innovation in regional Australia and forging ahead as a first-time host

Posted July 20, 2022


Alice Armitage is a young, energetic, creatively-minded entrepreneur with ideas in abundance. She’s also recently become a host, opening up a 1 bedroom space within a property she not long ago bought in Moree, in north-west New South Wales.

Along with her newly forged role welcoming guests, she earlier this year launched Pandaemonium – an elegantly designed, quarterly newspaper that features stories of innovation in what Alice calls ‘a decentralised Australia.’

The paper has long been a dream of Alice’s, especially having authored and published a super successful book in collaboration with chef Luke Burgess, ‘Into the Pandaemonium’, back in 2019.

The second issue of the paper came out a month or so ago and was every bit as wonderful as the first – well living up to its goal to support and showcase innovators, creators, business builders and self-starters that live outside the traditional metropolitan mould.

Alice is someone I’m looking forward to watching go from strength to strength over the years to come and it was my absolute pleasure to chat with her a few weeks back.

Show Notes

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