Episode 55

55 - Lisa Booth on her down-to-earth quest to make sustainable house design accessible to the masses

Posted August 3, 2022


Lisa Booth is a firm believer that you really can have it all – a beautiful, comfortable, affordable home that’s also kind to the planet.

In 2016 Lisa and her husband Steve, aka Boots, built a home in Victoria’s Ky Valley now known as Booken House. Lisa painstakingly designed and project managed the build of the home by drawing on her intimate knowledge of best-practice sustainability principles coupled with her experience in renovating.

Once completed, Lisa started posting photos of the house on social media, which somewhat unexpectedly resulted in a torrent of public and media interest in the project. This prompted her to start a business teaching others how to build their own similarly sustainable homes minus the exorbitant overheads.

The business is now known as Booken Blend, and in the intervening period has garnered Lisa, Boots and their blended family – on which the business name is based – some 45,000 followers on Instagram and an impressive array of press.

As a long-term fan of Lisa and Booken Blend, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to chat with her a couple of weeks ago. I know you’ll come away from this episode feeling inspired to follow in her footsteps too.

Show Notes

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