Episode 56

56 - Michelle Crawford on cultivating a life in Tasmania centred on a love of food, photography, writing and hospitality

Posted August 10, 2022


Like many of the world’s most celebrated creatives, Michelle Crawford wholeheartedly embraces the unpredictable adventures that taking risks can bring.

With no jobs and only a credit card to keep them afloat, Michelle, husband Leo and their then infant daughter Elsa moved to Tasmania in 2004, in search of a simpler life more connected to the land.

After going on to welcome a son, in 2007 Michelle started a blog named after her two kids, Hugo and Elsa, aimed at documenting her new life in the countryside, which would ultimately go on to attract a significant community of followers.

Once her kids were at school, Michelle was free to pursue an array of creative and culinary-focused interests, leading to a host of collaborations with some of Tassie’s most acclaimed chefs and food critics including Matthew Evans, Sally Wise and Ben Milbourne.

During this time she also established herself as one of the country’s leading voices on all things food, authoring four books and numerous articles featured in the likes of Country Style, Galah, Graziher, Jetstar Magazine, Feast Magazine, Inside Out and Lunch Lady Magazine.

More recently, she has started the process of gently restoring an old bank known as ‘The Bowmont’ in the idyllic village of Franklin in Tasmania’s Huon Valley, which she and Leo bought a few years ago.

True to form, she has many grand plans for this history-filled building and I was thrilled to be able to catch up with her about them – and so much more – a few weeks ago.

Show Notes

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