Episode 59

59 - Chantelle Pears on managing a luxury holiday retreat sleeping 19 guests from 5000km away

Posted August 31, 2022


Chantelle Pears is one brave woman. Currently working as a nurse in an indigenous community in remote Western Australia, she and her fiance Matt purchased Flagstaff Estate, a 6 bedroom, 3 bathroom sprawling property in Tasmania’s Lindisfarne, approximately 8km from Hobart, in early 2020.

Following their purchase, they planned to relocate back to their home town of Hobart, but the hard COVID borders made this impossible with their work commitments, so they instead decided to undertake an ambitious renovation with the ultimate aim of launching it as a holiday property for large groups.

The renovation was largely coordinated by Chantelle and her experienced and resourceful sister-in-law, Emily who managed the process while Chantelle and Matt were stuck in Western Australia.

Now, having been open for approximately 18 months, all of which have been with Covid looming large, Chantelle and Matt, who is an engineer, have mastered the art of automating nearly every possible function at Flagstaff, enabling them to seamlessly manage the day to day running of the property from nearly 5000km away.

I am often blown away by how industrious hosts can be when it comes to remote management of properties, but Chantelle and Matt have pipped anyone else I’ve ever met embarking on a similar journey at the post. They have a system for absolutely everything.

I loved my chat with Chantelle a few weeks back and I’m sure you’ll get just as much out of it too. Enjoy.

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