Episode 6

6 - Narelle McKay talks all things housekeeping, including how to recruit and retain great housekeepers and the art and science of achieving that coveted 5 star review

Posted January 17, 2020


Narelle McKay relocated from Black Rock, in south-eastern Melbourne to the Macedon Ranges in the mid 2010’s. Along with operating a small marketing, promotions and advertising business from home, a couple of years ago she commenced supplementing her income by working as a contract residential housekeeper.

In more recent times, she’s turned her attention to short-term rental housekeeping and has since amassed a wealth of experience and insight into what factors really contribute to achieving and maintaining both 5 star guest reviews and, by implication, the coveted superhost status.

She currently works as ‘head housekeeper’ for Jen’s short term accommodation business, Ranges Escapes, and in this relaxed yet frank discussion, reflects on the do’s and don’ts of truly exceptional housekeeping.

Show Notes