Episode 60

60 - Ingrid Daniell on creating a captivating, sustainable shack by the sea

Posted September 7, 2022


Ingrid Daniell is an artist, an empath and all-round creative visionary who in 2019, following a chance discovery by her graphic designer husband Clifton, bought a rustic shack right by the water in the tiny seaside hamlet of Falmouth, Tasmania.

After a modest renovation that aimed to be as sensitive to the 1980’s design sensibilities of the property’s original owner – and to the planet – as possible, Ingrid and Clifton, whose permanent home with their two teenage sons is on Victoria’s Surf Coast, opened the property to guests in early 2020.

Since then, this truly unique, enveloping property that seems to capture the imagination of everyone who sights it has received widespread media coverage, including features on The Design Files and in lauded American architecture publication Dwell.

On a personal note, Ingrid is an artist whose work and career I have followed with great interest for many years. It was the most wonderful coincidence to recently realise she was the owner of Whale Song and no doubt an absolute pleasure to catch up with her a week or so ago. I hope you enjoy our chat.

Show Notes

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