Episode 62

62 - Tracey Northcott on coming full circle as a host and establishing a successful career as an in-demand hosting consultant

Posted September 21, 2022


If anyone knows the real value of wholehearted hosting, it’s Tracey Northcott.

Having relocated to Tokyo several years prior, Aussie expat Tracey first dipped her toes into the short-term rental water in 2010.

With a baby son in tow, her two bedroom apartment was no longer ample for hosting friends and family and so a new plan was efficiently engineered: she would rent another apartment for them to stay in when visiting and the rest of the time, let it out on Airbnb.

This model proved so successful, that at one point some years later Tracey found herself managing a short-term rental business comprising 23 properties, with 6 staff and a 7-figure annual revenue. And these properties weren’t just in Tokyo, but all over Japan.

In recent years however, Tracey’s priorities have changed and she’s since downscaled, now managing a more modest portfolio of properties and focusing on coaching other short-term rental hosts about how they can not only grow their profits, but do so in a way that is purposeful, socially responsible, creative and sustainable.

Tracey is one of the most articulate and insightful guests I’ve had on the podcast to date and it was an absolute pleasure catching up with her a couple of weeks ago. Please enjoy our chat today.

Show Notes

Tracey Northcott, Consultant Tokyo Family Stays