Episode 65

65 - Mitch Forbes and Dan Kroenert on their sustainably crafted luxury cabin in Australia's snowy mountains

Posted October 19, 2022


Childhood friends Mitch Forbes and Dan Kroenert are no strangers to rolling their sleeves up and getting their hands dirty.

After a 7 month council approval process, the pair, who both live in the neighbouring region, decided to build a sustainably-focused cabin for two on a 13 acre block belonging to Mitch’s family, in Crackenback, New South Wales, about 5 minutes outside Jindabyne.

Aptly named ‘Crafters Cabin’ in honour of their efforts, this paired-back yet visually stunning luxury couples retreat has been designed in a way that masterfully respects the natural environment in which it sits, employing a host of energy-efficient principles and design features to enable it to operate completely off-grid.

The guys have also brought on partners who share their sustainable ethos to equip the property, including the likes of Cultiver linen and Leif body products, creating a mentally and physically nourishing sanctuary for guests to truly unwind in.

It was an absolute pleasure chatting with Mitch and Dan a couple of days ago and I’ve no doubts you’ll also enjoy our chat today.

Show Notes

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