Episode 68

68 - Yael Katz on the importance of crafting a life and business in alignment with your values

Posted November 9, 2022


Yael Katz is one of those rare people that absolutely radiates strength and goodness.

Having spent her early life in Israel where she worked in training, she went on to travel to Australia where she ultimately wound up working with indigenous communities helping to establish new businesses, predominantly in the tourism space.

It is this shared passion and respect for Indigenous knowledge and culture, and love for the Australian bush, that brought Yael and future husband Rob together, eventually resulting in them realising their dream of embarking on an experiential nature-based tourism business of their own.

Flash forward a number of years and Yael, Rob and their two young daughters are now the proud owners of Ecopia Retreat, two luxuriously appointed rammed earth eco villas – and an occasionally available larger residence – situated on 60 hectares of pristine native bushland on Kangaroo Island off the South Australian coast, now classified as a wildlife sanctuary.

Since opening the doors to the retreat in 2018, Yael and Rob have experienced phenomenal success and an abundance of 5-star reviews, yet they’ve also had to endure an assortment of challenges, including withstanding the ups and downs of Covid and the threat of bushfires.

That said, this is a couple whose life and business is fiercely driven by their values and you can’t help but think that for them, the best really is yet to come.

Please enjoy my chat with Yael today.

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