Episode 72

72 - Ally Oyston on creating a captivating holiday property that welcomes everyday guests and serves as a sanctuary for Australia's vast carer population

Posted December 7, 2022


Ally Oyston is a woman on a mission.

The former lawyer turned disability advocate, along with her husband Matt, earlier this year purchased Bimbala Cottage, a 100-year-old, lovingly restored, meticulously decorated house located in Jervis Bay, New South Wales.

Having purchased it from another highly successful host, Ally and Matt were fortunate enough to acquire all of the furniture in the property as part of the sale, making the process of marketing it and opening it to the public enviably expedient.

Once they opened however, Ally’s aims were way broader than that of an average newbie host. Having seen and experienced first-hand the rate of burnout amongst Australia’s enormous community of full-time carers, she wanted to offer up the property as a place where they could take some much-needed time-out for themselves and properly relax and recharge.

As part of this, she and Matt offer ‘sponsored stays’, whereby a short break at Bimbala can be purchased as a gift for a carer in particular need of respite.

Ally is one of those people whose generosity and compassion knows no bounds. She is every bit the heartful host, and it was a total pleasure to have a chat with her recently.

Show Notes

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