Episode 77

77 - Renee Thurston on uncovering what your true passion is and backing yourself in the process

Posted March 8, 2023


Renee Thurston epitomises, lives and breathes the term creative entrepreneur. This is a woman as industrious and hardworking as they come.

Having over her life run many businesses of varying scales and sizes, she’s now finally landed where, as a child, she said she’d always land and that is in the world of professional photography.

Just prior to that, however, she had been operating a short-term property management service for a number of owners right across Tasmania and at one point had 14 properties on her books.

That said, the advent of Covid meant she had to downscale that business, which she successfully did, enabling her to focus on her burgeoning photographic career and to ultimately purchase and open her own short-term rental, now known as The Wilds in Zeehan.

Renee is both a powerhouse of ideas and a truth-teller. In all aspects of her life she firmly believes in keeping things both real and fair.

It was such a pleasure having a chat with her a week or two ago, which I’m sure you’ll really enjoy.

Show Notes

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