Episode 80

80 - Kerry Williams on the many reasons why the future of travel is accessible

Posted March 29, 2023


We all know the saying ‘when the going gets tough, the tough get going’, however in Kerry Williams case, when the going got tough for her travel-loving Mum, who has Mutliple Sclerosis, she got busy starting a business.

Kerry discovered the hard way that there was an enormous gap in the market for genuinely accessible accommodation. She’d stayed with her Mum in short-term accommodation that claimed to have certain accessibility features but in reality didn’t and came to the quick realisation that something tangible needed to be done about that.

That was four years ago and the business she subsequently founded is the now multi-award winning Accessible Accommodation, part of the broader company known as The Accessible Group, which also includes another arm known as Accessible Experiences.

Since launching The Accessible Group, Kerry has grown the business exponentially and now has a team of 9 staff, all of whom bring to the table different lived experience of disability.

The Accessible Accommodation website now features over 200 listings, from hotel and resort rooms to independently hosted accommodation, each ranked according to a three-tiered rating system, also developed from the ground up by Kerry.

This is a woman who is determined to make the travel sector more accessible and she is someone who I have utmost respect and admiration for. I can’t wait to see what she does next and I was delighted to have a chat with her last week, which I know you’ll get a lot out of. Please enjoy.

Show Notes

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