Episode 84

84 - Katie Clarke and Matty Neeson on creating a perfectly imperfect coastal haven, deeply connected to the surrounding natural landscape

Posted May 3, 2023


Like many before them, it was the discovery of and love for a particular oceanside plot of land in Brooms Head, New South Wales, that ultimately led to the realisation of a dream future forever-home for couple Katie Clarke and Matty Neeson.

Having early in their relationship stumbled across the land that would ultimately become the wabi-sabi inspired, self-contained house now known as Boketto – meaning to ‘gaze into the distance without purpose’ – Katie and Matty set out to create a property layered with meaning.

Having finished what was a somewhat laborious process involving the design and build of the property in 2021, the results are breathtaking.

Every living space and window in the home frames a view, and draws you into its natural surrounds. Much of the furniture in the home has been painstakingly handcrafted using reclaimed timber and decorative items sourced during the couple’s travels.

And the considered nature with which this property has been realised is now starting to pay off financially as well, with Katie and Matty now enjoying a steady stream of bookings largely from repeat guests, most of whom have booked directly.

I’ve been following Katie and Matty on social media since they formally commenced their endeavour as hosts just over a year ago, and have frequently marvelled at what a visually disarming yet fundamentally simple piece of architecture they’ve managed to create. I really hope you enjoy us reflecting on their journey in this episode today.

Show Notes

Boketto Website Wabi-Sabi Workshop: Ikebana Flower Arranging and Drawing (Sunday May 21, 2023, 9.30am - 2pm at Boketto)