Episode 86

86 - Clare Hillier on the importance of developing a brand story for your hosted property

Posted May 24, 2023


To me, there’s a single word that immediately comes to mind when describing Clare Hillier’s approach to hosting – ‘artful’.

With a professional background working for various media platforms, along with running her own brand storytelling consultancy, Clare and her partner Sean in 2020 purchased a 70’s era house in Blairgowrie in Victoria’s ever-popular Mornington Peninsula region, with hopes to transform it into a one of a kind, design-led holiday retreat.

After a period of time camping out in the property to better understand its idiosyncrasies, they spent 18 months renovating and reconfiguring the home.

Following that, Clare lovingly crafted a brand framework that would go on to closely inform the way in which guests experienced the house, from the selection of original artwork adorning the walls to the way in which their now trademark welcome negroni would be presented. The name of the property, Camillo House, was another product of this creative process.

Clare has learned a great deal in her 6 or so months as a host thus far and it was an absolute delight catching up with her recently. I really hope you enjoy our chat.

Show Notes

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