Episode 87

87 - Edwina Bartholomew on balancing a love of hosting with the demands of career and family life

Posted May 31, 2023


Edwina Bartholomew is no stranger to the art of juggling.

Along with her successful career as a journalist and newsreader with Channel Seven’s Sunrise program, she also has a flourishing side-gig as a short-term accommodation host.

In 2016, Edwina and her husband, Neil Varcoe discovered an original 1890s sandstone property on 100 acres in the New South Wales Capertee Valley. They have meticulously restored the house and transformed the property into a luxury accommodation business called Warramba.

Now, the next challenge. The couple recently sold their meticulously renovated Dulwich Hill home in Sydney to pursue their second, decidedly more ambitious project as hosts, the restoration of a guesthouse in the historic town of Carcoar, New South Wales.

Neil will run the project from Carcoar while Edwina will remain in the city with their two kids, Molly and Tom, who makes a charming cameo in this podcast. With the new hotel ‘The Victoria’ slated for opening in 2025, they have a busy few years ahead of them.

It was such a pleasure catching up with Edwina to learn all about their forthcoming plans as well as the enormous amount they’ve learned on their journey so far. I’ve no doubts you get a lot out of this chat today.

Show Notes

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