Episode 88

88 - Nicole Landgrebe on the journey from making some of Australia's best pies to being crowned the country's best female Airbnb host

Posted June 7, 2023


Whether it’s running one of Sydney’s most famed pie shops or managing an award-winning, self-built cabin for guests in the stunning Blue Mountains region of New South Wales, Nicole Landgrebe is a woman who intimately knows the value and rewards of good, old-fashioned hard work.

Having made the decision to handover the reigns of their thriving Sydney-based small business to another owner, in 2019 Nicole and her husband David decided to purchase a property in Wentworth Falls, one of the country’s most breathtakingly beautiful locations.

Their aim was to creatively and resourcefully design, build and furnish a self-contained cabin on the property to rent out to guests, all the while living onsite in the neighbouring house to manage it.

After many months of grit and tenacity, the property now known as Falls Rest was eventually realised and the couple opened it to guests, receiving a flurry of five star reviews and landing Nicole the title of Australia’s Best Female Airbnb Host for 2022.

Nicole very kindly put her hand up to come on the podcast for a chat a few weeks back and it was a real pleasure learning all about hers and David’s hosting journey thus far. I hope you enjoy our catch up today.

Show Notes

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