Episode 89

89 - Kristy Plumridge on her family's 10 year plan to relocate from the city to the country, becoming hosts, farmers and community champions in the process

Posted June 14, 2023


Kristy Plumridge and her husband Neil are a complementary match in more ways than one.

With Kristy’s background in marketing and event management and Neil’s background in finance and management consulting, it was with a creative yet strategic ethos that they approached the construction of a 10 year family plan that would ultimately herald a complete life change, moving from city to country.

Having taken the time to canvass multiple rural properties, it was in the end the first property they looked at that won their hearts and minds – a 150 acre farm in the Victorian town of Yarragon, a hidden gem only 90 minutes from Melbourne.

With a deep respect for the environment, they subsequently dedicated themselves to regenerating and nurturing the land, ensuring its future success as a thriving grass-fed beef and garlic farm.

They also built their future forever home and converted an older dwelling on the property into accommodation, now known as The Ridge House.

Their journey to date has garnered much attention from the media, most notably including a dedicated episode on ABC TV’s acclaimed series, ‘Dream Gardens.’

Now, Kristy and Neil want to share their knowledge and experience with others dreaming of their own tree change, recently launching a one-day workshop called ‘Let’s Buy A Farm’, designed to guide and support individuals in navigating the process of transitioning to a sustainable and financially rewarding lifestyle.

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Kristy – a conversation filled with many valuable insights and much inspiration.

Whether you’re considering a tree change or are simply intrigued by the idea of sustainable farming, this episode is teeming with practical information and advice.

Show Notes

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