Episode 37

37 - Celeste Mitchell on crafting a new online platform committed to slow, sustainable stays

Posted March 23, 2022


Celeste Mitchell is a freelance travel writer based on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. Along with being a devoted Mum and partner, she is also one of three founders of the rapidly emerging platform Life Unhurried, a multifaceted travel blog and lovingly curated directory of slow and sustainable stays from around Australia.

As a giant nod to the incredible global appetite – further amplified by the advent of Covid – for slowing down and appreciating the little things in life, Life Unhurried was the brainchild of Celeste and co-founders photographer Krista Eppelstun and designer Katie Gannon.

With over 10,000 followers on Instagram and a growing collection of 70+ unique properties from each corner of the country, Celeste, Krista and Katie very excitingly have a book coming out later this year, along with grand plans for an expanded website, specialist travel guides and other new products.

Show Notes

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