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REVIEW: Life Unhurried

Life Unhurried is a book that – through the profiling of a selection of slow and sustainable stays across Australia – celebrates and explores the need to slow down in a world obsessed with busyness, efficiency, achievement and instant gratification. The authors, Celeste Mitchell (our former HWH podcast guest), Katie Gannon and Krista Eppelstun present […]

REVIEW: Cheeky Squirt Bum Wipes

Dear reader — make yourself comfortable as we’re about to become rather intimately acquainted. You see, we need to broach the rather touchy topic of your bottom and mine, as this is a sensitive issue that affects us all. It has come to my attention that a certain cohort regularly wipes themselves with wet wipes […]

Why Sustainable Tourism?

So now that we know what sustainable tourism is, let’s take a look at the why. From bushfires to floods and damaging storms, we are already experiencing the devastating consequences of climate change. This has been a wake-up call for everyone, from individuals to whole industries. And like other sectors of the economy, the travel industry needs to do its part.

ROI – How will being a HWH Listed Member get me bookings?

One of the questions I’ve been getting from hosts considering joining the Hosting With Heart website as a Listed Member is ‘How will being a Listed Member get me bookings?’.  As a newly evolving holiday property directory, Hosting With Heart is going up against some very big players with very deep pockets – Airbnb, Booking.com, […]

What is sustainable tourism?

When we think about sustainability, we usually automatically think of environmental sustainability. But sustainability encompasses much more than just protecting the physical environment.