Life Unhurried is a book that – through the profiling of a selection of slow and sustainable stays across Australia – celebrates and explores the need to slow down in a world obsessed with busyness, efficiency, achievement and instant gratification.

The authors, Celeste Mitchell (our former HWH podcast guest), Katie Gannon and Krista Eppelstun present a compelling and visually engaging argument for why it’s important to take a step back and live life at a more leisurely pace.

Throughout the book, the trio – also the founders of the highly successful directory website and blog of the same name – draw on personal experiences, research and artfully written summaries of a spectrum of sustainable stays, from the humble and tiny to the large and luxurious, to illustrate the many benefits of slowing down.

They touch on topics such as mindfulness, work-life balance, and the impact of technology on our lives, and provide practical tips and exercises to help readers incorporate the principles of unhurried living into their own lives.

One of the standout aspects of the book is the writing style, which is engaging, relatable, and often humorous. Celeste, Katie and Krista have a way of making complex ideas accessible and understandable, and the book is filled with insightful quotes and anecdotes that drive home the message of the importance of taking life at a slower pace.

Overall, I found the book to be a really enjoyable read. The only minor criticism would be the lack of discussion around the accessibility features of many of the properties profiled, but that’s admittedly not Life Unhurried’s bag, but ours here at Hosting With Heart.

Whether you’re someone who is feeling overwhelmed by the pace of modern life or just looking for ways to live more mindfully, I would highly recommend getting your hands on this book. It’s a great reminder to appreciate the beauty in life’s smaller, fleeting moments, and it’s sure to leave you feeling inspired and refreshed.

A heartful thumbs-up.

Get your copy of Life Unhurried here.

Published by Hardie Grant, 2022.