Coffee lovers would all agree: your morning brew sets the tone for the day ahead. On a work day, a reliable coffee ritual is essential for ploughing through the deluge of emails or remaining calm during the school drop off chaos.

A good morning coffee while on holiday? Next level. It can be the difference between dutifully attending ho-hum (read: unimaginative) tourist attractions or uncovering a hidden gem only known to true locals (inspired).

Emme Mac Black represents that next level in coffee. It ticks all the boxes: ethical, organic and fair trade, with sustainability in sharp focus.

Hailing from Mollyulah in regional Victoria, Emme Mac Black consists of two distinctive offerings: capsules, featuring three blend options for the discerning palette, and locally roasted beans (also with three blends to choose from) for the DIY coffee enthusiast.

As far as sustainable coffee production goes, Emme Mac Black is a rare breed in Australia. Their capsules are biodegradable and 100% compostable which is super comforting given. regular coffee pods are made up of plastics and aluminium, which would take 150 to 500 years to break down in landfill. If we want to lessen our impact on the earth, it’s clear we need innovations like this.

Does it taste better because it’s sustainable? Quite possibly. For capsule coffee lovers, Emme Mac Black is a must (the environmental damage caused by regular coffee capsule leaves a bad taste in one’s mouth). In contrast, Emme Mac Black rolls off the tongue and feels much more honest and grown up. Plus, it looks real nice on the kitchen bench.