Davina Bambrick – Photographer


Hi, I’m Davina Bambrick – Interior, Landscape and Lifestyle Photographer.

I began my professional life in business, and I’ve always placed great importance on integrity, inclusion, leadership and creating an excellent environment in which people can thrive. These values are important to me both professionally and personally, as is my dedication to supporting emerging and existing businesses. 

As a photographer, I have the unique opportunity to use my skills and talents to make an impact on the world. The work that I do, can not only tell stories that resonate with clients or customers but also positively influence communities and reach wider audiences potentially influencing social causes. Whether it’s leaving less of an environmental footprint, connecting more deeply with like-minded individuals or businesses, or discovering ways in which your business could help those within local areas, I made the decision to take control over how I want to run my business operations by acknowledging what matters most. The ultimate joy is that I not only do what I love, but I have the opportunity to make lasting change and fulfil some personal goals along the way.  What could be better than that.

I made the decision to list my services on Hosting With Heart as I felt their values are aligned with my own and I continue to look for new clients who have a shared investment in leading a purposeful life and business. Based in Northern NSW, but I support clients as far north as Central Queensland to Tasmania and everything in between.

I am a contributing photographer to Country Style Magazine and Galah Press.