Episode 49

49 - Louise Freckelton on the need for socially, culturally and environmentally conscious hosting

Posted June 15, 2022


There are people who give lip service to being sustainable and there’s Louise Freckelton.

Along with her partner David Bray, Louise owns and manages Kestrel Nest, an off-grid, offline eco-retreat for couples, families and groups, situated on their broader property Highfield Farm and Woodland, based in Mt Adrah, New South Wales, about 60km east of Wagga.

Louise is a former foodie turned farmer and is uncompromisingly devoted to treading as lightly as possible as she can on the earth. She is passionately committed to honouring the rich cultural heritage of not only the various buildings on her property, but of the land itself, something that can often go unexplored and unacknowledged.

Since opening the doors to Kestrel Nest a couple of years ago, Louise and David have been featured in an impressive array of print media including Delicious, Escape, Qantas Food & Wine, Forte and Country Style, They were also a finalist in the 2022 Sustainable Tourism Awards.

Louise has long been on my list of dream guests. Her socially conscious, highly considered ethos is something I both admire and aspire to and it was an absolute pleasure to catch up with her recently.

Show Notes

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