Episode 97

97 - Sarah Williams on the many ways empathy is vital to success in hosting and hospitality

Posted August 9, 2023


It was the acceptance that she had chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) that led Sarah Williams to seek out a lifestyle and career that was more compatible with her health and values.

After many years working in the fast-paced, corporate-like higher education sector in urban environments, Sarah had to re-evaluate her work-life balance, or lack thereof.

A subsequent relapse of CFS drew a firm line in the sand, with Sarah ultimately deciding to return from Melbourne to her home state of Tasmania and to the property on which her grandfather had painstakingly built a timber cabin some 40 years prior in the idyllic town of Meander, in the state’s central north.

Following her return, Sarah decided that hosting guests at the cabin might be an ideal way to combine her need for regular rest with generating a recurring income and accordingly, set out to complete some modest renovations to the cabin in preparation.

Since finishing the renos and opening the doors to what is now known as Cedar Cottage Meander some 3 years ago, she’s had enormous success, with the property receiving consistently exceptional reviews and being named a finalist in 2022’s Airbnb awards in the ‘Best Nature Stay’ category.

Sarah is a passionate advocate for the disability and chronic illness community, a multi-talented creative and technologist and a lover of sustainability and the natural environment. As I was speaking with her, I felt an immediate sense of kinship and solidarity. I really hope you get as much out of this chat today as I did.

Show Notes

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