Episode 99

99 - Nina Karnikowski on ensuring we always approach travel with a firm spirit of giving back as much as we take

Posted August 30, 2023


My guest on today’s penultimate episode of season 7 of Hosting With Heart is author, travel writer and environmentalist Nina Karnikowski.

Having worked as a travel writer for the past decade, Nina now writes about travel that conserves, educates and uplifts more than it destroys, and aims to demonstrate how travel can help solve societal and environmental problems.

The author of three hugely successful titles, Nina has just released her fourth book, The Mindful Traveller, a stunningly written memoir about the ethics of modern travel.

In this unique and inspiring book, Nina takes an expedition to the very essence of travel, reflecting on the profound and transformative experiences to be had heading into the wild or just staying put, and demonstrating how to travel in a way that is as nourishing for the places we visit as they are for us.

Nina’s travel writing appears regularly in The Sydney Morning Herald’s Traveller, The AFR’s Life & Leisure, Condé Nast Traveller and more.

Nina mentors writers, teaches writing and creativity workshops and is also a mentor at The Conscious Travel Foundation.

It was an absolute pleasure discussing all things ethical travel with Nina a few weeks back and I have no doubts that you’ll find this conversation an energising and inspiring one.

Show Notes

Nina Karnikowski - Website Buy 'The Mindful Traveller' Here