Protected: Hosting With Heart MEMBERS ONLY – Episode 04

Michael Ofei, founder of KindMark, an SEO consultancy for purpose-driven brands

Posted August 6, 2023

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Today’s episode of Hosting With Heart Members Only features a recent chat I had with Michael Ofei, entrepreneur and founder of KindMark, an SEO consultancy for purpose-driven brands.

With a background in ecommerce, digital media, and marketing services, Michael is best known for the lifestyle brand he and his wife Maša built, The Minimalist Vegan.

Michael has a strong ethos of cruelty-free and sustainable living and works with businesses and team members who share this ethos. He believes in quality over quantity, both in consumption habits and our relationship with work. His vision for the KindMark team is to work no more than 25 hours per week and maintain balance in their lives, whether that’s spending time with family or participating in hobbies to fill up their tank.

Michael’s insights and advice in this episode are incredibly valuable. He demystifies the world of SEO in a way that is clear and accessible, offering some super useful tricks and tips for hosts along the way. Please enjoy our chat today.

Show Notes

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